Environmental Assistance, Research and Training Hub of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU-EARTH) is a Centre aimed at providing different stakeholders a platform to fulfil the constitutional duty imposed upon every person in Sri Lanka to protect the environment and to conserve its riches.

The Centre has the following key objectives:

  1. To conduct research on environmental protection law and practice, and sustainable development to ensure the preservation of earth for the sake of present and future generations.
  2. To encourage public participation in environmental decision-making process through advising and educating general public on the legal safeguards available against ecological destruction, environmental pollution, unsustainable consumption of natural resources and the importance of protecting the environment.
  3. To assist law enforcement authorities in the implementation of environmental laws without discrimination to ensure environmental justice and equality.
  4. To encourage and form collaborations with national and international scholars, experts, and organizations to create multifaceted forum for environmental and developmental benefits, and to promote the integration of knowledge in responding to crucial domestic and transboundary environmental issues.
  5. To disseminate knowledge on Environmental Law principles and policies by conducting and facilitating educational and training programmes for academics, professionals and general public.