Community Projects of Intake 40 LLB Undergraduates

In a heartening display of social responsibility, LLB undergraduates from Intake 40 recently embarked on a series of one-day community projects. These initiatives not only showcased their commitment to practical application of small group communication and leadership skills but also left an indelible mark on the communities they served. The projects were undertaken as a part of their Communication Skills II module, offered by the Department of Languages, Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities. Ms. Thamara Kothalawala, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Languages, spearheaded these one-day community projects with the aim of bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world scenarios. Subsequently, lecturers of the Communication Skills module offered by the Department of Languages, Ms. CJ Kothalawala, Ms. TD Kothalawala, Dr. Krishanthi Anandawansa, Sqn Ldr IKJP Kumara, Ms. Dilangi Fernando supervised the community projects.  It is important to highlight that Intake 40 LLB undergraduates generously funded the following projects themselves.

Group A undergraduates embarked on a mission to motivate school children at Janajaya Vidyalaya, Moratuwa, to consider higher education as a valuable and attainable option. The undergraduates not only motivated the students but also gained a memorable experience by helping them strive for greatness.

Group B undergraduates conducted their community project at the elderly residents of Davit Jayasundara Elder’s Home in Pallemulla, sharing experiences, providing entertainment, and ensuring they felt more connected to the community.

The undergraduates of Group B conducted a community project at ‘Sri Jinanada’ Children’s Orphanage, providing necessities, meals, and engaging in activities tailored to various age groups.

Group C students demonstrated love, care, and support at the ‘Samadhi Child Development Centre’ in Mallehewa, Veyangoda, through a range of activities including crafting, origami sessions, team-building games, and educational sessions.

Group C undergraduates turned their attention to the ‘Sea Turtle Conservation Station’ in Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia. The project included  a thorough cleaning of the water tanks and the surrounding ensuring a healthier living environment for the turtles.

Undergraduates from Group D organized a book donation program at Janajaya Vidyalaya, Moratuwa, donating 200 books and conducting educational sessions under the theme ‘Joy of Reading,’ fostering a love for learning among the students.

Group E students dedicated their efforts to renovating a long-unused classroom at the Deaf School in Rathmalana, contributing to the school’s ‘English Day’ and engaging in various fun activities with the students.

These one-day community projects not only showed the undergraduates’ commitment to having a positive influence, but they also highlighted the value of real-world application in the classroom. According to the feedback provided by the undergraduates, the community projects helped them develop their problem-solving skills, group cohesiveness, and group dynamics management expertise. They also emphasised how their community involvement fosters the development of their emotional intelligence and empathy. Their endeavours serve as an inspiring example of the positive change that can arise from dedicated and socially conscious individuals.