Guest Lecture on the Importance of International Investment Law for Economic Revival

A Guest Lecture organised by the Legal Aid Centre of the Faculty of Law, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) was held on 12.02.2024 with the participation of the final year undergraduates of the Faculty of Law, to enhance their knowledge of International Investment Law which is essential for fostering international economic cooperation and attracting foreign investments.

The Guest Speaker was Prof. Sri Lal Perera, Adjunct Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Miami, Ohio, United States. Prof. Perera is a renowned scholar in the field of Transnational International Investment Law and he had served at Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), World Bank and other tribunals.

His lecture focused on the importance of a robust international investment framework that can stimulate economic growth by facilitating the transfer of technology, knowledge, and skills across borders. At the end of his insightful lecture, Professor Perera emphasized the need for a sound international investment legal framework which would help create an environment in which diverse businesses can thrive, leading to a more resilient and dynamic economy. This session was coordinated by Ms. Piyumi Lekamge, Lecturer (Probationary) and Coordinator of the Legal Aid Centre, Faculty of Law of KDU.