Guest Lecture on the Life and Time as a Law Student: Skills, Competencies and Attitudes Required to be Learnt to Become Good Legal Professional

A Guest Lecture organised by the Legal Aid Centre of the Faculty of Law, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) was held on 29.02.2024 with the participation of the first-year undergraduates of the Faculty of Law, to enhance their knowledge of the necessary skills, competencies, and attitudes to be successful legal professionals in the future.

The Guest Speaker was Kaushalya Nawaratna PC, a renowned Legal Practitioner, specializing in civil and commercial litigation with special emphasis on Banking Law, Company Law, Arbitration Law, Labour Law, Matrimonial Law and Land Law, who presently serves as the President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. He is also an Arbitrator and also a Senior Consultant for Financial and Banking Institutions. He had functioned earlier as an Executive Committee Member of the Law Asia International Conference.

His lecture focused on the importance of acquiring a specific set of knowledge and skills because legal professionals must be able to advocate on behalf of their clients, whether in courts, negotiations, or other legal settings. At the same time, he emphasized that acquiring the necessary skills, competencies, and attitudes is essential for not only excelling in the legal profession but also for upholding the integrity of the legal system. This session was facilitated by Ms. Piyumi Lekamge, Lecturer (Probationary) and Coordinator of the Legal Aid Centre, Faculty of Law of KDU.